Reccomended Royal Photographic Society Associateship Panel

15th October 2010
This panel of images was recently reccomended for the (ARPS) Associateship Distinction of The Royal Photographic Society.

The Royal Photographic Society is a unique organisation, not only for its long history - founded in 1853 to ‘promote the art and science of photography’ this has remained its mission up to the present day - but also because it embraces all aspects and genres of photography. This also applies to its Distinctions which are a focus and goal towards which you can work.

To achieve one of The Society’s prestigious Distinctions - Licentiateship, Associateship and Fellowship - you need to prove your abilities as a photographer. You can do this by submitting a portfolio of work.

Associateship (ARPS): At this level, you need to show evidence of creative ability, a high standard of technical competence and a complete, expert, comprehensive knowledge of your discipline. Your work should be consistent and also make a statement of a strong personal style. A high standard of presentation is expected.

All of the individual images can be found in the Black and White Gallery


I have always enjoyed the coastline of Ireland. Numerous sandy beaches give way to the predominant rugged rocks. As a child, on visits to the beach, I explored these rocks with a sense of wonder, never knowing what I would find.

Years later, as a photographer and filled with the same sense of wonder, I find myself increasingly fascinated by the perpetual motion of the sea and how it interacts with the sky and the last edges of land.

Searching for compositions and waiting for subtle changes of light with a camera ready is always an absorbing experience. If I come home from the coast without an image that does it justice, I always have the pleasure of having been there.

With this panel, I hope to convey some of the beauty and atmosphere of my coastline. Often moody and unpredictable, it is always beautiful, especially when sculpted by dramatic light.