Exhibition in Spain

28th May 2012
It was my great pleasure recently to be invited to Calella in Catalonia, Spain, as the overall winner of the 36th Trophy Torretes of Photography. This was a month long festival of imagery (both film and photography) in the town of Calella. 30 exhibitions ran for the month in various locations throughout the town. My thanks to the organisers for their wonderful hospitality during our stay.

I had many opportunities for photography over the 10 days we stayed in Calella. The town is right on the sea which suits my preference for seascape photography. The fisrt night I explored the beach of Calella, I ended up thinking, if I am going to photograph this endless beach again, I would need some kind of subject in the image to break it up. Next morning, in the same spot, I found a tree trunk had washed up. It only drifted a few hundred metres over the next few mornings.

I did travel North one day to explore the Costa Brava coast with Catalan photographer Jordi Gallego. Even though this was a daytime outing, I am happy with the images below that I managed to get with a 10 stopper. At the end of April / start of May the land is warming up faster than the sea, the difference in temperature causing a hazy mist over the sea, which I can use for an image. (Anything except empty blue sky. ) This doesn’t happen all day every day so, again, I ended up being quite lucky.

I have been invited to have 2 separate exhibitions in Catalonia next year. I am fascinated by the small part of the Costa Brava coast that I have seen , so I will definitely be returning before that.

Two news items in one post:
Recently, I was awarded the (EFIAP) Excellence distinction from the International Federation of Photographic Art, for continued success in international photography competitions.