EFIAP/Bronze Distinction

13th July 2013

Earlier this year I was awarded the distinction of EFIAP/bronze by the International Federation of Photographic Art. Most photographers who know me will know that I like to enter competitions. It’s a real pleasure to see your images win awards from thousands of images entered from all over the world . A lot of these salons produce outstanding catalogues to go with exhibitions of the award winning images.
The competitions I enter are under the patronage the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) and the Photographic Society of America (PSA). For continued success in these international competitions, both FIAP and PSA offer distinctions.

If anyone wants to really understand the whole process of distinctions, go to the website of the very successful Irish photographer Ciaran Whyte here. Below is a brief summary.

As of 2013 the criteria laid down by (FIAP) for the distinctions they offer are :

Artist(AFIAP)- Have obtained 40 acceptances with at least 15 different works in international salons under FIAP Patronage.
Excellence (EFIAP) - Have obtained at least 250 acceptances with at least 50 different works .

For photographers who wish to carry on, you effectively wipe the slate clean and start again after EFIAP.

For the EFIAP/bronze 75 acceptances, with at least 25 different works
For the EFIAP/silver 150 acceptances, with at least 50 different works
For the EFIAP/gold 300 acceptances, with at least 100different works
For the EFIAP/platinum 600 acceptances, with at least 200 different works

Since I started entering these competitions in 2010, I have been lucky enough to have met a lot of photographers whose work I admire. So far, the awards I have won have brought me to Qatar and Spain where I have given talks about my work and had exhibitions. Right now as I am catching up on paperwork, the final EFIAP/platinum distinction seems a long way off. On a plus though, out of the 50 images I will be entering for the EFIAP/siver, 25 of those images have won 65 awards.