Al-Thani Award for Photography

08th December 2010

As one of the major award winners in the Al-Thani Award for Photography 2010, I have been invited to Doha/Qatar for 5 days. The awards ceremony is on December 15th. I won't find out which award I have won until the ceremony.

I entered 12 images into this competition, 10 of which were accepted for the exhibition. 4 colour prints, 4 projected images and 2 monochrome prints were accepted. There were 2 categories, GENERAL and PLANET EARTH – LANDSCAPES AROUND THE WORLD. All of my images were entered in the Landscape category.

As one of the major award winners, I have to prepare a 30 minute lecture and slideshow with my best work to present to the Qatar Photographic Society. This is something new for me so I will have to do a trial run over the weekend with an audience of friends who won't be afraid to offer pointers on how to engage an audience.


Well I am back from a great week in Qatar. I was delighted to find out at the awards ceremony that I won:

1st place Monochrome Prints
3rd place overall in Landscape Category (FIAP Bronze)